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“Remember – I have always loved you…”

You have a choice. . .  

I knew a girl separated from her father after a divorce.   As an adult she tried to find him, and learned he had died, leaving nothing behind for her – no mementos, no letter, no nothing. 

This same woman had been close to her grandmother.  A few days before the grandmother died, even though she was very weak and in great pain, she was able to scrawl a fewsentences on a scrap of paper. 

The granddaughter received this note after her grandmother’s death.  Since then, during  times of heartbreak, economic reversal,  and moments of deep despair — she has returned to that precious  scrap.  She tells me she feels her grandmother’s warmth and love each time she re-reads the note.

“I love most seeing her handwriting again, and how many times she underlined ‘All’ in the phrase ‘All my love….’   It makes me feel like she still loves me even now that she’s gone.”

What might her father have written?  What did it feel like, to learn he had left no word for her?  Well, you can imagine.

So:  which will you choose?  To offer thoughtfulness and love, or leave silence?

This blog can help you plan, create, and share your ethical will or Lifespan Legacy.  Be here then, later, when your care could make a world of difference to someone you love.


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2 thoughts on ““Remember – I have always loved you…”

  1. Pretty! This was an extremely wonderful post.
    Thanks for supplying this info.

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