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why and how to write & create an ethical will, hospice card, or other legacy

Looking ahead – a road map

Up to this point, we have briefly reviewed the basic parts of, and things to consider in, ethical wills and legacy letters.  If you have read this far, terrific!  You are on your way to completing your own.  Since those first posts, we have added the “Resources” page  (and hopefully the kinks in the links on that page will be ironed out by the time you read this post).  There you will find a Glossary, examples of ethical wills, and other sources of information.  Even though we think you will find everything you need right here to complete your own ethical will or legacy letter, sometimes it helps to see other perspectives, and we’re all about the help.

From now on we’re going to tackle topics in more depth.  Coming up is “The Rule of No,” and “Cautions…,” because we think these are crucial.  While some people think an ethical will is where you get to say what you want, a bit like having the last word in an argument or ‘getting it off my chest,’ that is a very controversial topic and one we have strong opinions about.  Be sure not to miss that post!

Although not necessarily in that order, the posts listed in the section at the left called “Up-Coming Topics”  are what you can expect in the immediate future.  “Getting it done”  is where the meat-and-potatoes help will be.  Have you come up with your answers to point #3 in the “Part I: read this first to get started” post?  If so, then you’ll be ready to follow along with us here, as together we create our ethical will.  If not, then you still have a little time to get ready.

Also, we will be addressing how clergy persons/chaplains of any and all religions or denominations can use ethical will writing with those under their care.   New parents, parenting, and the integral part an ethical will can play will be another subject.    And those of you in the Greatest Generation?  We can’t urge you enough to spend the time to write or record your ethical will or legacy letter!  We will have a special post just for you, and why we think you are crucially important to history.  

Think of these sorts of people in your life when these specialized posts come up, and if you think it’s appropriate, feel free to send the posts on to them.

Copyright:  Please remember that this site has obtained a specific Creative Commons license.  All material here, unless clearly indicated otherwise, is the creation and property of the author and this site, and cannot be used for commercial purposes of any sort.  DO please feel free to use it to help yourself or someone you love to create an ethical will or legacy letter!   And thanks for ethical use of the work.


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  1. We would like to be added to your resource page in regards to ethical wills and legacy letters. Please see You write the letters, then we store them and deliver after you pass!

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