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why and how to write & create an ethical will, hospice card, or other legacy

What IS an “ethical will?”

What is an ethical will?  Here is what we say in our Glossary:

ethical will:  a focused communication of one’s values, life lessons, love and forgiveness, typically written in one to two pages and offered to or left for one’s children, family, and/or friends and community. Also, an account of the values a parent wishes instilled in their child by a guardian in the event of a parent’s death.  Increasingly, people are writing ethical wills or other legacy communications during critical periods in their lives such as marriage, birth of a child, illness, catastrophic events, deployment, and retirement.


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5 thoughts on “What IS an “ethical will?”

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  4. One of the great beauties of an Ethical Wil is that creators can use whatever media works for them. After all, if you don’t have a passion for the creative process, the chances of you getting the job done are very slim. I encourage people to share the message of their beliefs and values, life lessons and hopes for the future with scrapbooking, a video, tape recording, embellished journal, or–yes–the simple handwritten letter.

    Jo Kline Cebuhar, J.D.
    author of
    Creating an Ethical Will

    • Absolutely, being able to use the communication medium of one’s choice can be key, and I’ll be going into some of those in detail in upcoming posts. I find a number of people just need that extra encouragement to enable their creativity, but also to get over the “I won’t do it right” hump. You’ll see a lot of that encouragement here. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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