Be Here Then

why and how to write & create an ethical will, hospice card, or other legacy

“I’ve got time, I’ll do it later.”

None of us, I’ll wager, thinks to ourself as we go off to the movie theater that we might not come home.  Yet Thursday night in Aurora, Colorado, that is exactly what happened to 12 people.  It happens every day, too, that people go off to work and do not survive the commute.  How many of them, on Thursday, were parents of young children?  How many of us have, on any given day,  some “unfinished business” in our lives we would like a chance to resolve before the unthinkable happens?

We cannot control traffic accidents, or violent people.  We can take reasonable precautions and continue about our lives, refusing to withdraw.

And, we can take the time to write a simple letter, or ethical will, and tuck it away — in our nightstand, with our important papers, in the family Bible, or wherever — so that if we don’t come home one day, the people we love will know we were thinking of them, in the event….  That we knew it might happen, that it would hurt those we might leave behind, and that we wanted to remind them: of our love for them despite any episodic differences; that we wanted certain things for our children, our lovers, our friends; and that we wanted to offer comfort to them against that dark day.

Remember that your local hospice is very likely to have a bereavement support program.  Some are even free, or operate on a sliding scale.  If you have recently lost someone you love, and are feeling crushed with the grief, call your local hospice and ask them.

Say a prayer for those who lost someone they love in Aurora, and write some words for those you love, just in case.  Write a letter.  What are you waiting for?


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