Be Here Then

why and how to write & create an ethical will, hospice card, or other legacy

“oriented times three”

Yes, this is still about ethical wills, but a continued sidetrack.  Those in the mental health field will recognize the phrase in this title. I have often wondered why so much reliance was placed on it during someone’s psych hospitalization since for the most part every day was the same as the one before, and knowing which day or date was today’s was, for the most part, not terribly relevant.

But now I see how some days can blur together, and even taking notes, if I don’t write THAT day’s notes on THAT day, it is easy to get lost in time. And when the conversations with memory-impaired others are about time — I am reminded of physics, and chaos, and mostly of quantum theory — although that depends on how much I’ve been thinking of Alice falling down the rabbit hole.
Today is Saturday, September 1st, 2012. I know exactly where I am now, in the town library. Soon I will be helping someone buy a new pair of sneakers and trying to be sure they are comfortable without entirely being able to rely on the self-report of the wearer, and who knows if the fitter at the store is familiar with such issues?

Frankly, my solution would be a pair of Birkenstocks with Smart Wool socks, the shoes the Arizona-type but with the strap behind the heel, infinitely adjustable and comfy, but these folks think that looks like “hippies” and not in a good way…although I think that would be cool, but not entirely useful, especially not if the family member wants to go up a ladder again to sand another piece of wooden house siding all the way through to the sheetrock inside…always an excellent craftsperson, now the lifelong committment to excellence has become a liability.

Yin/Yang symbol, you explain much.

Today is Saturday, September 1st, and I am going to leave the library and have the undoubtedly-interesting experience of shoe-shopping with a memory-impaired person.  Alice didn’t do any shopping down the rabbit hole, as I recall…but I can see the Chesire Cat grinning at me already.

A sense of humor, and a quirky one,  is one of the most important things I have in my arsenal — and I’ll be sure to include something about that in my ethical will.  What about you?


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