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why and how to write & create an ethical will, hospice card, or other legacy

Your own photographs for hospice cards

It amazes me sometimes that people are worried a photograph they took themselves would not be “good enough” to use on a hospice card for a friend.

If you have a snapshot of you and your friend, especially with others of a group you both enjoy, get it printed out at your local CVS, Walgreens, Duane Reed, wherever, if you do not have the ability to print out a photo-quality product on your home printer.

Get a small box of those blank cards at an art supply store, stationers, or hobby shop  — they are easy to find — gluestick the picture on the front of the card, and then think of a couple of things you appreciate, enjoy, or love about that friend.  Write that in your card, along with something like “thinking of you, buddy” or “thinking of you and sending you hugs” or “thinking of you and sending you love.”  Sign it.  Mail it or hand-deliver it if you are nearby.

polka pictureI would LOVE to get a photo like that as a hospice card.  No matter that you didn’t crop it perfectly, or at all, or that you glued it less than perfectly straight on the card.  Or that it was of that time we went goofy-record shopping in that tiny town in the middle of nowhere, and laughed ourselves silly.

I LOVE that you took the time to think of me, went to the work of printing out the card and writing something in that barely-legible handwriting of yours that makes you feel right there with me, and making sure I got it.

THAT would warm my heart.


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