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Coming soon, an easy hospice card image for co-workers to send

I am having some very interesting conversations with people about this topic of hospice, hospice cards, and general end-of-life issues.  (Again, I suggest people check out Regina Holliday’s blog and work on behalf of patients.)  Personally, I find it making me much more aware of my own mortality — I am in prime heart attack territory — and it is moving me to start taking care of that business, like who is going to shut down my electronic accounts when I die…

But moving on —

Emerging from the latest conversations is another idea for a card co-workers can easily make and send to a colleague — BUT it is going to take getting several volunteers all together in the same place at the same time.

world-mapAND I was warned I’d be in trouble if we did the shoot without a particular woman on her way back from a country far, far away — so we are waiting until next week to include her!

Some feedback I am receiving suggests that colleagues of a person in hospice care would like different choices of card types to send.

They may not “love” the co-worker, and instead may be fond of them, or respect them, or care about them to some degree.  So they want a way to express their appreciation of that colleague although not in the ways that so far are offered  on this site.  We are going to show you a great way to express just that.

Stay tuned.  And if you have an idea or a beef, please, write us a comment!


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