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Books & Sites

Doing an internet or search for “ethical wills” will give you up-to-date results and any new resources, but apart from this blog, we recommend Barry Baines’ site as he is deemed largely responsible for the relatively recent resurgence of interest in ethical wills.

I will add more resources as I find or receive them for review.

Websites: = Barry K. Baines’ website = Lynn McPhelimy’s site, book page


  1. Baines, Barry (20001): The Ethical Will Writing Guide Workbook. 32 pages, includes some additional resources; 1/color black, paper cover, stapled binding, $4.95  Basic, bare bones guide for those who need a few ideas to get them started.
  2. Baines, Barry (1998): The Ethical Will Resource Kit.  44 pages, 8.5×11”, 1/color black, paper cover, stapled binding, $7.00  Very similar to his other book, this includes 3 sample wills written by others.
  3. Freed, Rachael (2003):  Women’s Lives, Women’s Legacies.  272 pages, 1/color black inside, 4/color cover, perfect binding, $19.95  For those who want to use writing a legacy as a vehicle for self-exploration and personal growth, especially in a group of like-minded women.  Full of writing exercises, lots of quotes, and examples of others’ spiritual-ethical writings.
  4. McPhelimy, Lynn (1997): In the Checklist of Life, second edition.  1/color black inside and color paper cover, perfect binding, horizontal format, $19.95.  Highly recommended.  Comprehensive, simple book intended for us to make our passing easier on our survivors (and, I think, on us): written after the author’s experience of a parent’s death.  Everything is included, such as who are one’s doctor, lawyer, where are important documents located.  Importantly, ethical will-type pages are also included.  Appears very well thought out.
  5. Turnbull, Susan (2005): The Wealth of Your Life. 40 pages spiral bound with 4/color printing inside and on paper covers.  Horizontal format.  $19.95  Bulk of book is her five steps of preparation: identify your audience, consider your intentions and write your opening lines, reflect on what to include and make notes, put those thoughts into an outline, and finally, “compose your Ethical Will.”  Work-book style pages present questions and space for your notes.  Lots of color photos.

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