Be Here Then

why and how to write & create an ethical will, hospice card, or other legacy


This site is a work in progress.  It is intended to contain free 
detailed information to help you, as much as a website can, create your own traditional ethical will or an alternative and imaginative legacy communication.

As I develop the site it will include posts on diverse formats so you can find one in which you may best express yourself, whether you are a writer, a visual artist, musician, woodworker or even just a curmudgeon.  Periodically, I will fatten up the Resources section and hope to enlist the assistance of a few others in doing that.  Short videos are on tap for the future, too.  If you have any suggestions for what you would like to see here, email me, or post a comment.

Many people will be able to complete their legacy communication just from reading, thinking about, and applying the knowledge they can obtain here.  Share it.

[Note:  it should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway —  that while all efforts are made to provide responsible, ethical information, I cannot be responsible for the consequences of your choice of language or forgetting — or somehow misunderstanding — the Rule of No.] 

WHY     This is a way I am paying it forwardand I hope you do the same in your life.  

WHO     Si Baker-Goodwin, EdD    25+ years of helping people say what needs to be said.

PMs pic sbgAn adult educator and former psychologist, I hold a doctorate from Boston University, have been adjunct faculty at Lesley College in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and consulted to adults in a private practice.  I am a writer, amateur photographer, have worked in book publishing in New York and Boston, and consulted and volunteered at two non-medical and non-profit hospices.

People, some of whom undoubtedly have drunk too much at weddings, tell me I can dance and I like to believe them, but even I know my Irish tin whistling skills (so far) are marginal at best.

WHERE’S THE CATCH?     If you or your group of friends want personal coaching, or an editorial eye on your writing, that part won’t be free.  Email me to discuss your wishes.  Everything else here is free.  I hope you use it to make something cherished for generations.

Contact:   sbg(at)alum(dot)bu(dot)edu     Follow on Twitter:  @BeHereThen     


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